Newly launched SBB The Collection, was born as StickyBackbailey in the bedroom of Founder, Designer and Goldsmith, Caroline Wilkins', shoebox apartment in 2016. Caroline, had grown up singing Blues in her fathers Rock Band from the age of 14. Over 15 years ago, while at home in Ireland, Caroline and her father came across a funny article by The Huffington Post on Facebook, that enabled you to find your "blues name" and so, arrived StickyBackBailey. Fast forward to 2016, where the name still held such nostalgia and importance because it had represented everything blissful to Caroline, about self-expression and creativity. Steadfast in her mission to create one-of-a-kind pieces, she designed every time for one person only, with the intention of creating each piece carrying the same energy and allowance to express oneself in the world, and feel connected with something hand-made and tailored specifically, and most importantly with LOVE. In 2018, Caroline found herself restless, a mind busy with new ideas and thoughts that she wanted to see in reality, pieces that she felt uplifted and passionate about, that people could perhaps connect and relate to the way she did. This time she decided to become relentless in learning how to become a part of every step of the process, so that she could fully engulf these genuine intentions into what she wanted to put into the world . After a beautiful trip home with her jewelry line, StickyBackBailey, she returned to NYC determined to further her craft and pursue goldsmithery.


A note from Founder and Designer of SBB The Collection:


"When I returned from Ireland, I felt like my head, heart and hands weren't living in the same house, let alone even neighbors. Its an imperative time in history for the intention of love to be considered in everything we do. (Of course I'm definitely "work in progress" lol) Amongst changes throughout the world and other things life gives us forcing us to grow, I am determined to express this in my work. While I am so proud of everything I had put into StickyBackBailey, I figured my pieces should encompass more honesty and sometimes reflect both the beauty and struggle of what we address in day to day living. The collection holds pieces that express the intention of uplifting us, normalizing stigmas, reducing shame, embracing what it means to be a woman, encouraging sensuality, sexuality, the all round feeling of love and has an underlying theme that the gritty, not so lovely-looking part of life, is sexy too! The pieces are designed to feel timeless while marking the time we live in, something to join you while you live a lifetime! And of course, the collection is interspersed with some purely aesthetic pieces because honestly, who doesn't love a good "hoop" moment, just some pieces that make me feel so good when I wear them!! I'm so hopeful it connects with you."