Caring for your SBB Jewelry Piece

We want you two to be together for a lifetime, so lets talk TLC!

 We're all guilty of throwing our jewelry wherever is most convenient. For Fine Jewelry however, overtime it can be hard to avoid tarnishing and the appearance of dull and dirty finishes on a piece, that was once sparkling and alive, or CAN IT?? We've got you covered!

Store your Jewelry in a cool dry place:  

  • Its recommended to store your jewelry in something fabric-lined, preferably a protective case or jewelry box where abrasive movements can be avoided. If this is not available for you, you can also place the jewelry piece in soft tissue before placing it in a drawer.
  • On exposure to air/moisture, Sterling Silver jewelry in particular, can be extra-prone to tarnish, though it can later be cleaned, stay a step ahead and keep an anti-tarnish bag or cloth nearby the spot you'll most likely leave your pieces when you take them off. These are super inexpensive and prolong the life of the shine before cleaning again.

 Avoid damaging chemicals: 

  • Wearing your jewelry while swimming, especially with the likes of Gold in chlorinated water, will see unfortunate tarnish and discoloration. Gold, Silver, platinum, and gemstones are also susceptible to discoloration when exposed to the everyday products we often can't do without ie. perfume, hairspray, lotions, tanning products etc. Be proactive against this, simply by keeping your jewelry in its' safely stored place protected from these particles until your last step before you go about your beautiful day or night.
  • This is also advisable for activities where you're unsure if you should store them instead ie. swimming in the sea, doing housework where various products are present and chance for abrasion can occur, at the gym etc. *When in doubt, take it off and store it safely*


Regular, easy and accessible cleanings:

  • Today, ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines can be relatively inexpensive and super thorough. For anything with a diamond or gemstone, however, we recommend, also inexpensively, leaving your jewelry in the care of a trained professional jeweler. If the machine isn't used correctly, stones can become loose or worse become chipped in the process.
  • Here are a list of some gemstones that are impacted by heat and should not be used by an ultrasonic machine: Tanzanite, moonstone, opal, turquoise and topaz.
  • Here is a list of some gemstones that are organic and should not be used by an ultrasonic machine: Pearl, Coral, Ivory and Amber
  • Dont have access to one anyway? No problem! Warm water, mild dish soap and a very soft small brush will do the trick nicely and can even be a better, safer, age-old method! 


Now go ahead and let your SBB The Collection piece see you through the happiest of days!


Caroline Wilkins

Founder, Designer and Goldsmith at SBB The Collection.