Ethical Practices

Knowing the craft and striving to keep our skills up-to-date are paramount at SBB The Collection. It is our mission to uphold our duty of care to the environment, our clients, our content, our collaborations, our end-user and to you. 


SBB The Collection materials are cast mainly with a company whose metals are recycled, conflict-free and ethically sourced from organizations that are in compliance with the EICC - GeSI Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative for sourcing only from "Conflicted" areas of the world subjected to Supply Chain due-diligence.

For all other jewelry we cast at SBB The Collection, we use 100% recycled gold and re-refined precious metals.

Precious metals can be recycled repeatedly without degradation in quality. By refining gold back into its purest form, we avoid the devastating degradation to our natural resources, that is caused by mining, while retaining the same high quality as newly mined metals.


SBB The Collection has carefully curated luxurious, environmentally conscious, kraft paper boutique bags and eco-friendly, paper jewelry boxes that are individually handmade by a small business. 

Our business cards are made of seed paper, so once you've received all the information you need, they can delightfully be planted and you've got yourself some wildflowers to boot! (Who doesn't love a nod to Tom Petty)